Major 3rd Season(1099)

Other Title(s)メジャー (第3シリーズ)
Genre(s)Baseball, Coming of Age, Shounen, Sports
SynopsisAfter leaving kaido, Goro wants to go back to mifune in order to challenge the kaido players, but once he got there he saw that the team has been improving greatly on their own efforts, not wanting to disorganize that team he dropped his plan on enrolling back to mifune. He turned his eyes on Edawara High, but his enrollment has been reject due to interference of Kaido Asst. Director Egashira.

Goro finally avoided Egashira's interference and went to Seishuu High which don't have any baseball club yet, Goro decided that he himself will put up a team consisting of the very few boys of Seishuu High which was previously an all girls highschool. Will Goro succeed in establishing a team? If so will the team be able to make it to Koshien? Will they face kaido?