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  Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Alternative Title(s)     Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Koutetsujou no Kabaneli

Genre(s)     Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Episode(s)     12
Studio     Wit Studio
Type     Series
Date Released     April 7 , 2016
Date Finished     June 30 , 2016
Overall Views     20098
Rating     9.23/10.00 (134) 


The world is in the midst of the industrial revolution when horrific creatures emerge from a mysterious virus, ripping through the flesh of humans to sate their never-ending appetite. The only way to kill these beings, known as "Kabane," is by destroying their steel-coated hearts. However, if bitten by one of these monsters, the victim is doomed to a fate worse than death, as the fallen rise once more to join the ranks of their fellow undead. Only the most fortified of civilizations have survived this turmoil, as is the case with the island of Hinomoto, where mankind has created a massive wall to protect themselves from the endless hordes of Kabane. The only way into these giant fortresses is via heavily-armored trains, which are serviced and built by young men such as Ikoma. Having created a deadly weapon that he believes will easily pierce through the hearts of Kabane, Ikoma eagerly awaits the day when he will be able to fight using his new invention. Little does he know, however, that his chance will come much sooner than he expected...

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2016-04-08 Kisae 2696
2 Episode 2 2016-04-22 Kisae 1806
3 Episode 3 2016-04-29 Kisae 1738
4 Episode 4 2016-05-06 Kisae 1797
5 Episode 5 2016-05-13 Kisae 1829
6 Episode 6 2016-05-20 Kisae 1654
7 Episode 7 2016-05-27 Kisae 1751
8 Episode 8 2016-06-03 Kisae 1591
9 Episode 9 2016-06-10 Kisae 1539
10 Episode 10 2016-06-17 Kisae 1359
11 Episode 11 2016-06-24 Kisae 1152
12 Episode 12 2016-07-01 Kisae 1186

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  • #25 - RoyalBaka
    I like it <3
  • as usual MC is so idiot. This kind of people make me sick!
  • useless mc is useless
  • useless mc is useless
  • #21 - BlueDeath
    Show Spoiler
  • Show Spoiler
  • #19 - Revirie
    Is that end for this series? wish they make another season, they still stuck in the train ...
  • #18 - Revirie
    Ep11 sob Ikoma & Munmei series coming to an end soon
  • #17 - Kisae
    my queue was stucked for a week lol. look at the date uploaded, it's 6/24 XD , someone told me and I re-added it, now it became double kekekekeke
  • #16 - Thorondor
    is Koutetsujou no Cabaneri updated?