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  Initial D Final Stage

Alternative Title(s)     Initial D Final Stage
?æ??å­? Final Stage

Genre(s)     Cars, Seinen
Episode(s)     4
Type     Series
Date Released     April 15 , 2014
Date Finished     June 21 , 2014
Overall Views     2668
Rating     9.72/10.00 (43) 


After defeating every racing team in the prefecture, everything comes down to one last race. Takumi Fujiwara has never lost a race, but when his opponent is also using an AE86, it turns into a battle of the AE86. Will Project D succeed in the final and most difficult race of Initial D?

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2014-06-01 rikimαru√ 495
2 Episode 2 2014-06-01 rikimαru√ 360
3 Episode 3 2014-08-05 rikimαru√ 373
4 Episode 4 2014-08-05 rikimαru√ 466