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  Flanders no Inu (Movie)

Alternative Title(s)     Flanders no Inu (Movie)
Dog of Flanders
The Dog of Flanders, ã??ã?©ã?³ã??ã?¼ã?¹?ç?¬ (1997)

Genre(s)     Adventure, Drama
Type     Movie
Date Released     March 14 , 1997
Date Finished     March 14 , 1997
Overall Views     141
Rating     7.5/10.00 (4) 


Set in 19th-century Belgium, this classic tale, based on the Flemish novel by Oui'da, celebrates the affectionate bond between an innocent boy and his faithful dog. The stunning animation, a masterful combination of traditional and computer-aided animation, captures the natural splendor of the Flanders countryside and recreates the spirit of this classic story that has captivated audiences world wide for more than 130 years. In fact, the popularity of The Dog Of Flanders led the local Belgian government of Flanders to dedicate a statue to Nello and Patrash in 1985, immortalizing their devotion to each other.

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