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  Mushishi Special: Hihamukage

Alternative Title(s)     Mushishi Special: Hihamukage
蟲師 特別篇「日蝕む翳」
Mushi-shi Tokubetsu-hen: Hihamu Kage

Genre(s)     Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Supernatural
Episode(s)     1
Type     Special
Date Released     January 3 , 2014
Date Finished     January 3 , 2014
Overall Views     817
Rating     9.43/10.00 (56) 


New one-hour special which will adapt an upcoming two-chapter manga.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2014-01-05 asaness01234 817

Comment Box

  • #7 - Serenea
    Mushishi is really melancholic.i cant seem to stop watching it. it is so addicting. I am hoping for another one (w/ romance Ginko !!) lol
  • #6 - renaru
    I'm glad it took me until today to finish Mushishi s1. Now, I don't have to wait a loong time for s2. P.S. Shipping Ginko x Tanyuu
  • #5 - darkvenom
    season 2 need to hurry up and get done i smell some romance in it xD
  • Can't wait for the second season. This was a great watch
  • #3 - DeepDim
    Ginko is back <3
  • #2 - mlcdl
    and another title is added to the anime I will watch this incoming April.
  • #1 - Pascon
    Thank you! asaness, will you upload the second season too when it been aired?