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  Mou Hitotsu no Mirai wo.

Alternative Title(s)     Mou Hitotsu no Mirai wo.
Mou Hitotsu no Mirai o.

Genre(s)     Sci-Fi
Episode(s)     3
Type     Web
Date Released     December 11 , 2013
Date Finished     No Confirmation
Overall Views     462
Rating     8.15/10.00 (13) 


The short takes place at the KDDI R&D laboratory, where scientists are creating a telephone that can call the future, but an incident occurs when they are using the phone.

(Source: ANN)

Reserved by : ForsakenSoul

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2014-02-23 ForsakenSoul 296
2 Episode 2 2015-04-03 ForsakenSoul 112
3 Episode 3 2015-04-07 ForsakenSoul 54

Comment Box

  • also it remind me of a manga or anime about two people communicating with imaginary celphone in their head.
  • hmmm. after watching the 2 epi i think if this will become a full series anime then this would become very interesting. 9/10
  • the plot reminds me of a japanese movie that I watched a long time ago about a girl and a boy that can communicate through a fake phone. I forgot the title though. T_T
  • The characters remind me of the main characters of eden of the east lol
  • #5 - kisses20
    guys recommend anime good to watch
  • I like the animation direction! Very interesting beginning told only in 7 minutes.
  • interesting... i'll give this a 10/10 rating, FOR NOW, till the next update...
  • Seems interesting. O.O
  • #1 - Hoamaru