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  Koiken! Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta!

Alternative Title(s)     Koiken! Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta!

Genre(s)     School
Episode(s)     12
Type     Web
Date Released     February 29 , 2012
Date Finished     May 23 , 2012
Overall Views     386
Rating     8.09/10.00 (11) 


Mobile anime adaptation of Koi-Ken!, a dating simulation game.

The story depicts the campus life of members of Renai Kenkyuukai (The society for the study of romance) or 'Koi-ken'.

The protagonist's 'extremely ordinary' high school life changes overnight when he encounters Kaede, a girl who is returning from living abroad and transferring into the school.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2013-01-28 Sora Kasugano 386

Comment Box

  • A bunch of girls suddenly up and become idols. Cute but nothing special.
  • AHHHHHH, where is the protagonist? DX
  • #2 - kingot
    53 mins. long? Then that means its just 4 mins. per episode? Arrrrgh!! Another short anime!!
  • It say 12 Episodes, but Episode 1 is just Episode 1-12 in One Episode, 53 Minutes long. Better to watch this way than having to cut it in 12 Episodes. Enjoy Guys~