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  Biohazard: Damnation

Alternative Title(s)     Biohazard: Damnation
Resident Evil: Damnation

Genre(s)     Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Type     Movie
Date Released     October 26 , 2012
Date Finished     October 26 , 2012
Overall Views     2634
Rating     8.72/10.00 (40) 


'Resident Evil: Damnation' is a sequel to the full-length CG animation feature 'Resident Evil: Degeneration' based upon the Resident Evil (known in Japan as 'BIOHAZARD') series of games.

'Resident Evil: Damnation' will feature as its main character Leon S. Kennedy just like its predecessor. The film is currently in production, with plans for a terrifying 3D release in Japan in 2012.

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No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2012-10-01 FiQ5149 2634

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  • #11 - AlexanderZ
    Whilst being just as brainless as the rest of the RE films, this one at least managed to entertain me more than the others. Improved CG, a slightly interesting plot, kinda entertaining characters and a more badass Leon who spouts more cheesy one-liners th...
  • #10 - StillNein
    Awesome graphics!! Never seen like that in in Degenaration
  • Somehow i feel sorry for the lickers. Is that wierd?
  • #8 - Tidus
    Well worth the watch. I would luv to watch it again in another yr or two, lol.
  • #7 - On3On
    Great upload, HQ sound and visuals, the sub's are good too. As for the movie, its an action thriller, through and through, nothing especially special, but VERY good fun! And definetly not as shallow as you would think.
  • AWESOME!!!
  • #5 - FiQ5149
    no problem~ Glad to be able to help you.
  • this great fiq.. thanks for the help.. :D
  • thankzzzz for uploading!!!
  • #2 - FiQ5149
    Did not satisfied with the quality or video has an error? Report to me immediately.