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  Girls und Panzer

Alternative Title(s)     Girls und Panzer
Girls & Panzer

Genre(s)     School, Military
Episode(s)     12
Type     Series
Date Released     October 8 , 2012
Date Finished     March 24 , 2013
Overall Views     16459
Rating     8.61/10.00 (97) 


You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai High School practice gun-fu—really, really BIG 75mm gun-fu, in fact. It's called Sensha-do, and it's the martial art of operating armored tanks! They take it seriously too, and since winning the national Sensha-do championship is such a huge deal at Oarai, they sometimes go to extreme ends in order to get the best students from Panzer class to sign up. Which is how Miho Nishizumi, who HATES operating tanks, gets drafted to join doomsday-driven driver Mako, even-triggered gunner Hana, highly receptive radio operator Saori and combustible tank-fangirl and loader Yukari as the incomparable Anko Team. They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe a few of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they're absolutely driven.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2015-05-30 lumdmc 392
2 Episode 2 2012-10-16 lumdmc 1712
3 Episode 3 2012-10-23 lumdmc 1424
4 Episode 4 2012-10-31 lumdmc 1372
5 Episode 5 2012-11-06 lumdmc 1308
6 Episode 6 2012-11-21 lumdmc 1184
7 Episode 7 2012-11-28 lumdmc 1185
8 Episode 8 2012-12-06 lumdmc 1158
9 Episode 9 2012-12-12 lumdmc 1091
10 Episode 10 2012-12-19 lumdmc 1118
11 Episode 11 2013-03-19 lumdmc 994
12 Episode 12 2013-03-26 lumdmc 926

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  • #29 - renaru
    OMG, I never thought that combining tanks and girls will work this well. Tank fights were epic and the characters are well developed despite their numbers. Well executed.
  • #28 - ultimentra
    What's with the random German words in the Girls und Panzer subs?
  • #27 - Achlys
    the translation is german </3 some of it i guess @__@
  • #26 - smashlc
    the translation is miserable
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  • #22 - johnboy
    I like very much
  • was pretty cool imo, i liked the shout out for W.O.T. ending was pretty cool also... feels complete... they could make a second season but that would risk messing up the flow of how it is...
  • #20 - dheng05
    in W.O.T. you can make a tank drift ... but its risky and it only works on fast light tanks like T-50 and T-50-2 and ELC AMX