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  Bleach: Jigoku-hen

Alternative Title(s)     Bleach: Jigoku-hen
劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇
Gekijouban Bleach: Jigoku Hen

Genre(s)     Action, Comedy, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural
Type     Movie
Date Released     December 4 , 2010
Date Finished     December 4 , 2010
Overall Views     7774
Rating     9.44/10.00 (124) 


Bleach: Jigoku-hen is set in Hell and features a fully Hollowfied Ichigo. The movie centers around Ichigo and his friends heading into Hell with the assistance of man named Kokutoo to stop the merging of the two realms. However, Kokutoo gives Ichigo a warning - he mustn't Hollowfy in Hell, or he will lose control of his body and never be able to return...

(Source: Bleach Wiki)

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2011-08-30 rinoa 3527

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  • #17 - eboyjohn
    watching BLEACH xD
  • #16 - gantoine
    All i have to say is WOW!!!!!!!! awesome movie!... great fighting scenes, and story!
  • #15 - shichiroji
    absolutely amazing..
  • #14 - erin92
    many awesomeness in here hehe
  • The best Bleach Movie so far!
  • #12 - o0oabhie
    Oh my God. EPIC movie. Added to my Favorites.
  • #11 - hydronium
    Liked the movie, better than the last two, but I still like the first best.
  • #10 - Disruptor
    Was worth the wait...
  • #9 - Disruptor
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