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  Mimi o Sumaseba

Alternative Title(s)     Mimi o Sumaseba
Whisper of the Heart

Genre(s)     Coming of Age, Manga, Romance, Shoujo
Type     Movie
Date Released     July 15 , 1995
Date Finished     July 15 , 1995
Overall Views     1762
Rating     9.51/10.00 (49) 


Mimi o Sumaseba, which literally means If You Listen Closely, tells the story of Tsukishima Shizuku, a junior-high school student who is struggling to find out who she is. The movie takes you on a journey through her imagination and daily life as she makes decisions that will ultimately decide her future.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2010-10-31 Kobowo 1762

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  • Kyaaa!! Seiji and Shizuku is super cute couple! I love this movie. Going to watch its spin-off Neko no Ongaeshi next!
  • Cute! A pure love story it is...
  • :"> The ending's so sweet. I fangirled to no end. XDD
  • #4 - Enma Ai
    @racquelle lmao
  • #3 - racquelle
    @skittles16 He's still alive
  • #2 - lovekills
    I hate it when subbers dont sub something just because its not about the main character.. like in mimi o sumaseba the main char was in her room reading and her parents and sister were talking....what excuse
  • Good ol' Miyazaki. RIP.