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  Ladies vs Butlers! Tokuten Disc Music Clip

Alternative Title(s)     Ladies vs Butlers! Tokuten Disc Music Clip

Genre(s)     Ecchi, Music, Comedy
Type     Music Video
Date Released     March 25 , 2010
Date Finished     March 25 , 2010
Overall Views     3745
Rating     8.32/10.00 (50) 


Special music video released on DVD.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2010-08-10 BloodyAngel 3745

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  • lol
  • #10 - gieanriza
    wew wat s dis
  • #9 - toadsage
    Oppai, Oppai, Meeoww me love Candy Service. Nice & Provocative.
  • #8 - asa8969
    hai guys !
  • i think its odd hehe but i like it some how its nice
  • #6 - ire
    I was torn between laughing or just going to shock. Laughing won though. Haha~ I liked the MUSIC. :)
  • O_o... i feel something.... i feel.. something.. getting tingly... O_o
  • omg another fan service.... * whistles while clicking the link~~
  • Lol, I know right.. I was like Wtf is this.. at 1st I thought it was Hentai but Its not. It just Pure Ecchi Fanservice.
  • #2 - jhai0603
    That was... not hentai?