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  Moekan The Animation

Alternative Title(s)     Moekan The Animation
Moekko Company The Animation

Genre(s)     Comedy, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Ecchi, Erotic Game, Mecha, Romance, SciFi, Super Deformed
Episode(s)     3
Type     OVA
Date Released     December 18 , 2003
Date Finished     July 22 , 2004
Overall Views     1960
Rating     6.77/10.00 (13) 


Originally a hentai PC dating game published by KeroQ late 2001, Moekko Company (Moekan) was quickly licensed for adaptation into a three part OVA and PS2 dater (both non-hentai), featuring a memorable cast and riveting story which attracted numerous fans. The title follows Takahiro, an enigmatic man served unquestioningly by five beautiful maids with equally mysterious pasts tied to his. Primarily set within a secluded mansion estate, the story is a combination of humor, romance, and surprisingly dark violence; all revealing the exact nature of their association and shared questionable future. The game features three distinct styles of high quality artwork: a tradition style for storytelling, a super-deformed style for comedic events, and a blood red gothic style for the darker moments.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2010-07-15 reneil26 619
2 Episode 2 2010-07-15 reneil26 602
3 Episode 3 2010-07-15 reneil26 739