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  Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan

Alternative Title(s)     Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan
ルパン三世 vs 名探偵コナン

Genre(s)     Comedy, Detective, Shounen
Episode(s)     1
Type     Special
Date Released     March 27 , 2009
Date Finished     March 27 , 2009
Overall Views     5250
Rating     9.32/10.00 (74) 


A special feature to commemorate the 55th anniversary of NTV and the 50th anniversary of Yomiuri TV.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2014-02-07 shadowsoul18 886

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  • #25 - Qualtz
    video isn't loading?
  • #24 - bongun100
    I read the comment about Lupin vs conan, now i wish there is actujally kaito vs lupin... show down of thieves XD
  • #23 - ZetsuRavez
    i say... this is awesome... 10/10
  • #22 - AnkokuRyuu
    but his real name is kudo shinichi kira wouldn't be able to kill him using the name conan edogawa
  • my summer vacation will be short lived. 25th I finish high school. 28th I start college
  • #20 - jeiru01
    I want another Film of this collaboration XD
  • #19 - kuzi87
    whoa! great show! nice collaboration here.
  • #18 - RenegadeXD
    Conan would have died the moment he challenged Kira..... >_> Kira vs Conan epic fail.....
  • #17 - chaz08mist
    Show Spoiler
  • #16 - mega9462
    i wish there was L vs conan... haha!! may the best detective win.