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  Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds

Alternative Title(s)     Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds
劇場版 Naruto -ナルト- 疾風伝 絆
Gekijouban Naruto Shippuuden: Kizuna

Genre(s)     Action, Martial Arts, Ninjas, Shounen, Super Power
Type     Movie
Date Released     August 2 , 2008
Date Finished     August 2 , 2008
Overall Views     6704
Rating     9.45/10.00 (114) 


When a mysterious group of Shinobi make a surprise attack on Konoha, the village is left in ruins. Only then does it becomes apparent that another shinobi world war could become a reality. Meanwhile, Sasuke who left Konoha to avenge his clan by killing his brother Itachi, appears for a second time in front of his friends.

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Episode List

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1 Full Movie 2009-04-26 jbluey 6704

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  • I really want to know what they were talking about when the ending theme started. *sighs*
  • #66 - c0rpx
    a real shame amaru isn't part of the actual cast, liked her. Also it appears naruto gets all the women in the movies, but not in the actual series^^
  • #65 - zeroichi
    this is an awesome movie! n dang! i seriously thing that ive been infected by the sasuXnaru thing -_-
  • ahhhh.... nc movie
  • it stopped at 69:04 T_T
  • #62 - jbluey
  • #61 - flamezaber
    ACK!!!! Stream NOT Found!!!?? NOOO!!!
  • O_O? StreamNot Found?!?!?!? what's going on >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
  • #59 - Sawako
    it stopped at 69:04!!! what's going on? fixed it! please!
  • #58 - n3m0s
    The movie stop's at 69:04 fix it plz xD