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  Maria-sama ga Miteru

Alternative Title(s)     Maria-sama ga Miteru

Genre(s)     Coming of Age, High School, School Life, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai
Episode(s)     13
Type     Series
Date Released     January 8 , 2004
Date Finished     April 1 , 2004
Overall Views     16773
Rating     8.59/10.00 (44) 


Maria-sama ga Miteru is based on a series of novels by Konno Oyuki, about girls who attend Lillian Girls' Academy, a Catholic school.

Lillian Academy's Student Council is called the Mountain Lily Council. The Council is composed of three girls, each of whom takes a flower title: Rosa Gigantea (white); Rosa Sinensis (red); Rosa Foetida (yellow).
Each Rosa can take a junior, referred to as 'Rosa ... en bouton' [burgeoning rose]. Each 'en bouton' is allowed to pick a junior, referred to as 'Rosa ... en bouton petite soeur.' The usual pattern is a senior student as Rosa, a second-year student as 'en bouton' and a first-year student as 'petite soeur' [little sister].

The heroine of the story, Fukuzawa Yumi, is a cute first-year student at Lillian Academy, who is also the 'petite soeur' of Sachiko (the 'Rosa Shinensis en bouton'). The series is based around the lives of the other Mountain Lily Council members.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 1868
2 Episode 2 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 974
3 Episode 3 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 913
4 Episode 4 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 812
5 Episode 5 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 1968
6 Episode 6 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 1985
7 Episode 7 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 2073
8 Episode 8 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 524
9 Episode 9 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 1685
10 Episode 10 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 774
11 Episode 11 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 811
12 Episode 12 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 548
13 Episode 13 2009-06-13 Bindu1000 1838

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  • #7 - OtakuKing
    Even if you don't like these coming-of-age type stories it really does a great job of making you sympathize with the characters and has some good tear-jerking scenes. Very well done artistry and great character development, I was sorry to see this one end...
  • #6 - darkvenom
    i don't understand why i have so much of a sad feeling watching this i just feel this is going to end sad not talking about this season it was beautiful
  • Show Spoiler
  • #4 - ire
    I'm glad to have started watching this series only after 2nd season has been uploaded. hehe.
  • #3 - blackrose
    were are the season 2 and 3??
  • hello love the anime oh and if you know any romance anime, please tell me
  • This is a great series ... be sure to watch all four seasons. Seasons 1 & 4 are here on OS. I've watched it twice so far ..