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  Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Alternative Title(s)     Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Genre(s)     Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Seinen, Comedy, Action, Super Power, Drama
Episode(s)     13
Type     Series
Date Released     October 3 , 2004
Date Finished     December 26 , 2004
Overall Views     19166
Rating     8.74/10.00 (70) 


Takamachi Nanoha is a 3rd grader elementary school girl. She lives with her parents who run a coffee shop, and her older sister and brother who are students. She was a normal girl until she met a boy that came from another world. She happens to obtain a magical power from him. After their encounter, Nanoha has to recollect ?Jewel Seeds?. They are from the other world, and are scattered around Earth.

The boy from the other world can turn into a small animal, and she has a magical wand that is materialized by Nanoha?s will. With these two, she has to recollect Jewel Seed. It will grant one?s dream, but it also causes various accidents as well.

She begins to have a friendship with the boy from the other world. She spends her secret life as a magical girl late at night, early in the morning, after school, and on vaction. She is a normal girl when she is with her friends and family.

During her adventures, there appears magical girls that has the same power of Nanoha, because of this, her peaceful life is almost destroyed.

?I do my best?so that I won?t regret? Takamachi Nanoha, a third grader, though she isn?t good at sports, but she does her best with courage, magic, and her will, that she won?t lose.

This show is a spinoff of Triangle Hearts.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2008-12-28 jbluey 2070
2 Episode 2 2008-12-28 jbluey 863
3 Episode 3 2008-12-28 jbluey 2245
4 Episode 4 2008-12-28 jbluey 839
5 Episode 5 2008-12-28 jbluey 819
6 Episode 6 2008-12-28 jbluey 2046
7 Episode 7 2008-12-28 jbluey 731
8 Episode 8 2008-12-28 jbluey 721
9 Episode 9 2008-12-28 jbluey 2228
10 Episode 10 2008-12-28 jbluey 1951
11 Episode 11 2008-12-28 jbluey 511
12 Episode 12 2008-12-28 jbluey 1973
13 Episode 13 2008-12-28 jbluey 2169

Comment Box

  • #17 - moronsnail
    4/10 , it's a bit serious for me. Card Captor Sakura has set a standard on any magical girl anime that i watch i guess :P
  • #16 - mlcdl
    Still amazing even after re-watching it.
  • #15 - Mae1028
    yuuno-kun and chrono-kun.. kawaii!!.. ^^ <3
  • I kinda like it... It resembles CCS..
  • #13 - renaru
    First Mahou no Shoujo anime I've watched!
  • #12 - sakuradale
    yono is cute
  • #11 - AHLoveGun
    is this the older version of cardcaptor sakura ?
  • #10 - Ryuji
    this anime seems a bit dodgy i dont know why but it looks weird, is it worth watchin?
  • #9 - appoloin
    this feels like 1 of those series i shouldnt like; but i really do. best call this charming i guess
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