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  Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex The Laughing Man

Alternative Title(s)     Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex The Laughing Man
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man

Genre(s)     Action, Androids, Cops, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Gunfights, Law and Order, Mecha, Military, SciFi, Seinen, Special Squads
Type     Movie
Date Released     September 23 , 2005
Date Finished     September 23 , 2005
Overall Views     653
Rating     9.53/10.00 (30) 


Bandai Visual has announced they are releasing a 140-minute compilation movie of the entire Laughing Man 'complex' stories from Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX season 1.

In addition to animation from the series, the compilation movie will also feature some new footage and a complete re-recording of the voice track.

The straight to DVD movie will be released on September 23rd on 2 discs for 8,190 yen (US$75).

Disc 1: 140-minute feature, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo, 16:9 Anamorphic Wide screen.

Disc 2: 30 minutes of extras, Section 9 Science File EXTRA 'Tachikoma Days', GitS:SAC Documentary 'ARCHIVE'.

Basically, this is a compilation of Laughing Man related material from the first season of Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX along with new footage and upgraded to theatrical film quality.

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1 Full Movie 2016-01-29 Ceres 57

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  • #5 - Don Kosa
    Thank you very much! It works perfectly! That season is nicely compressed in this film.
  • #4 - evil105
    I'll be replacing the video to fix those problems~
  • The texting sucx. Good luck enjoying this if as toadsage sais, you have watched the full version.
  • #2 - toadsage
    3 hrs. first 60-70% has no to little subbing. however for the core fans' who have watched the full season version, no-problem. nice pretty clean melding for that storyline. still kinda jumpy but at 3 hrs feel lucky he was able to do that. toadsage
  • #1 - Dirac
    With their current levels of skills and abilities in the manga, Ultear. But the author could find some reason for Erza to win