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    Default Graphic Section Rules

    The OS Graphics Section needs a few Rules. Please be Guided accordingly~
    • Before making a New Thread and Topic, please be sure to read the Site's Rules, F.A.Q, Forum Guidelines and this Rule.
    • You can either Use the Search Tool Function or ask Members and Staffs to guide or link you to a specific thread you're looking for. This idea is to make sure that your questions have not been asked before. This is also to avoid Duplicate Threads.
    • Duplicate Threads that are found in this Section will either be Removed, Closed, or Merged by the Moderators.

    Graphics Rules

    1. This Site is PG-13 as the Rules state. So please no ******, ****, Nudity, and Overly Sexualized Graphics allowed.

    • Ecchi, Panty Shots, Slightly Mature, and Censoring Graphics are allowed though. But don't make it so Hard-core to the point the Risqué Theme is visible.

    2. Non-contributing and Off-topic post are not allowed.
    • Nonsense, Non-sensible, and 1-Liners post are considered as Spam. We do not want the Graphics Section to be full of Spam posts, right?
    • If Problems and Issues about these Rule arise, I will have to contact and ask Jim to disable and remove this Section's post count.

    3. No Flaming / Flamebaiting
    • Obviously, Simply saying: "Booo! Your Graphics Work Sucks!" is not counted as criticizing other's work. Those kinds of statements will get you in trouble. We're not competing here, at least not outside the Contest and Competition Sub-Forum. Even if the member you're flaming is your friend, other members will misunderstand. Although trolling or making fun of your friends is normal here, try not to be too offensive, and don’t use any harsh words.

    4. Respect Other People's Work

    • Common Sense. Respect other's work and yours will be respected as well. Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged, but don’t criticize in a condescending tone. Everyone likes to be complimented or praised, so try to point out what the user did well. However, sugarcoating should be kept to a minimum because one cannot improve if all of the comments are just “good job.”

    5. Use Spoiler Tags For Big and Large Images.
    • If you are Submitting a Large Work, like Wallpapers for example. Then please use Spoiler Tags or External Links. So it won't distort the Forum Layout.

    6. Do not Steal Other People's Work
    • DO NOT steal anyone else's work and claim it as your own, whether it is from another site or a member in OS. It is plagiarism. Don't wait until the original creator discovers that their work has been plagiarized. There will be major issues and disputes that will surface when that happens, and we seriously do not want that to happen in OS. If it's not yours, cite the original creator and or site.

    7. Contact the OS GFX Team for Contest and Competitions.

    • For Competition and Contest Event Plans. Approach the OS GFX Team, Administrators, and Moderators first.

    7. Respect Forum Leaders/Moderators and their Decision.
    • Aside from the Moderators, this Section also has Forum Leaders in order to organize events, help members, and maintain peace and order. Don't be rude to them, and please respect them. They have rights over this Section. If you have Questions, Problems, and Complaints regarding matters in the Graphics Section, please contact Me(Sora Kasugano), Ragnarok, SkyOrange, kimono031, or the Moderators. I'm sure they'll help you resolve your problems privately.
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