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    Default Expanded Shoutbox Rules

    In case that you are too lazy to read the whole page of the RULES, here's a simplified and summarized version of the rules in the Shoutbox.

    For the non-staff members, if you want to help, you can bookmark this link in your browser and tell the violators to read this thread instead of insulting, bashing or badmouthing them that will just make the things worse. When the non-staff members are doing the reprimanding, it always go overboard. As much as possible, please leave the warning and reprimanding to the staff.

    When there's a heated discussion in the Shoutbox, you can help by changing the topic instead of adding fuel to the fire by retaliating to the troll. Some random topics may help.

    Who wants coffee?
    Pizza, anyone?

    1.) Please speak in English.
    Not everyone can understand your native language so please be considerate and please speak using the universal language. Persistent non-English speakers will be banned. Only honorifics and common Japanese greets are allowed in the Shoutbox. Using hiragana/katakana/kanji and sentences in romaji are strictly prohibited.

    2.) No Spamming.
    Do not post too much emoticons, repetitive messages or other senseless things in the SB. Do not post nonsense stuff like:

    Four consecutive shouts is also considered as spam.

    3.) Respect everyone.
    If you're in the Shoutbox just to pick up a fight by attacking and insulting someone, you'll be instantly banned.

    4.) No topics about races, religion or politics in the Shoutbox.
    We all have different perspectives when it comes to those topics so we suggest that those topics should be avoided for it will just result to not so nice things.We also have a forum where you can discuss politics here.

    5.) Debates are not allowed on the shoutbox.

    6.) Keep your topics clean. No asking or talking about explicit subjects like **** or ******.
    If you wish to talk about these subjects, we have a forum where you can discuss them freely here.

    7.) Do not use profanities or avoid triggering the giggle censor.
    Doing so will result to a ban. It is fine if you wish to giggle though, provided you aren't flaming anyone.

    8.) No posting of e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other personal stuff.
    For security reasons, please send your e-mail addresses via private message. Who knows, there may be some e-mail spammers or stalkers lurking around.

    9.) No posting of external links.
    Only the links from this site are allowed to be posted in the SB. Renaming OS links and posting it in the Shoutbox is also not allowed.

    10.) No posting of anime or manga spoilers.
    Posting a question which is answerable by a spoiler isn't allowed as well. Google is there to answer your questions.

    11.) Respect the Moderators and their decision.

    12.) No advertising of other sites or products.

    13.) No excessive role playing is allowed in the shout box.
    Constant role playing inhibits our non-role playing users from contributing to constructive conversation and creates a noninclusive environment which hinders our members from even beginning a conversation or asking questions. While it is acceptable to, on occasion, use an emoting phrase to get a point across or to play jokingly; constant back and forth is against our rules. If you have trouble understanding the difference, then please refrain from the use of role playing in general.


    Questions? Suggestions? Threats?
    Please send me a private message.
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