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    Default Note for Uploaders


    • When uploading to osddl DO NOT USE numbers at the beginning of the filename.
    • Use the html version when uploading on osddl

    Okay, since we are now having a lot of people wanting to upload, thought we would put up some rules

    1) Members who want to become uploaders, will not be changed to 'Uploader' status until he/she have submitted the complete series they have started (or min 12 videos)

    2) Before deciding to upload a series/movie/drama, he/she should ask the Admins/Mods/Uploaders, if the title has already been reserved. Pls dont randomly submit links because if the title has been reserved, we will ignore your links. *Hint - check the request thread. These titles have not been booked by anyone*

    3) PLS use common sense! Before all else - do your homework and check the streaming list if the title has already been added in OS. We recommend you browse the web and check the original Japanese name of the anime/drama you wish to upload, as this is the name under which it will exist in OS

    4) Before you reserve a title .. pls make sure
    a. It really exists
    b. Its not manga or eroge
    c. Its not ****** or erotica

    5) Pls note once you become an uploader - you cannot change your user name. Your stuck with it ... so make sure you are happy with your name before you start uploading.

    6) Once you start uploading a series, you have an obligation to complete it. So pls make sure you are ready to give the needed time and energy to complete it. If you are unable to complete it or any of the series you reserved due to unforeseen circumstances - pls be responsible enough to inform us accordingly.

    8) As a rule we prefer the Anime/Drama in its original language with english sub. If you upload a title that is english dubbed, then pls be aware that any other uploader can replace the video with the subbed version and when your videos are replaced, your upload count will also reduce accordingly.

    8) Finally - you will only stay permanently "Uploader" (yellow) if you upload 100 or more videos. After 1 month of inactivity - you will revert to your original status.

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