Do you play Mobile Games in your phone? and what are those games?
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    Cool Do you play Mobile Games in your phone? and what are those games?

    Yes, I play mobile games but as time change I started to move on to a different games as I come to a realization that you need to use money to win or else you just get left behind. At one point I became addicted to that game called Mu Origin 2 which first is fun for an MMORPG game but the countless repetitiveness killed it for me and the events that only benefits those who P2W. Don't get me wrong, I also used money. Anyway, Thank god that I stopped playing that **** game. LMAO

    I am currently playing One Punch Man: The Strongest which I absolutely love.
    I don't mind using money because I actually enjoyed it and I am also an avid reader of One Punch Man Manga and I love the Anime to bits.

    But the only problem is that its a Gacha which means its up to your luck if you can get the SSR "Hero" or "Monster" you like LMAO.
    Also you can easily save up gems which is the currency for the game as you do dailies and stuff.

    You pretty much need to save black tickets for the limited recruitment which is only available every month.
    There is also a limited comeback event which is awesome because you can get the Hero or Monster that came out months ago.

    Basically, It just takes time and patience :)

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    from time to time I'll install a rando game and try it out.

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