I just want to share the list of my currently reading manga right now and want to hear your opinions. Maybe if you know other good like this, please feel free to comment it so i can read it as well.

Tomb Raider King
Kill the hero
overgeared 2020
solo bug player
leveling up only by eating
survival story of another world
other world warrior
the second coming of gluttony
the blade of evolution
the live
the great mage returns after 4000 years
chronicles of heavenly demon
the reincarnation magician of the inferior eyes
kuro no shoukanshi
assassin de aru ore no sutetatsu ga yuusha yori mo akiraka ni tsuyoi nodaga
lv2 kara cheat datta moto yuusha kouho no mattari isekai life
magic emperor
the last human
solo leveling
kumo desu ga, nani ka?
legendary moonlight sculptor
i am the sorcerer king
ranker who lives a second time
konjiki no moji tsukai
makikomarete isekai teni suru yatsu wa, taitei cheat
isekai nonbiri nouka