Discussing about anime season first half and later half.
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    Question Discussing about anime season first half and later half.

    Hi today topic I want to talk about is the anime season splitting into first half and later half. Such as Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld and Re: zero season 2 both famous anime seem to start the first half finish and we will wait the later half in the future. I was wondering is that ok to have first half and later half updating separate than together without a link in future anime will be update like this today onward. Once the first half last episode end we will wait longer and then the later half season will update as latest anime not relate to first half. In future we might forget first half anime and think later half as different season anime. Personally opinion I like watching first half and later half as together than separate.
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    As a supreme binger, I am also not a fan of the split seasons. When a series does this I usually end up just reading the rest of the way in the manga if there is one or just loosing interest. Sometimes I'll still watch the second half, but I have to realllllllllly love the anime. If I know the series is just going to split, sometimes I will just wait for the second half to finish before I even start the first one.
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