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    Cool Returnee

    Heya! So its been.. a few years I think since I was properly active on here, I think. You have no idea how glad I was to find OS still up and running! Anyhow, I figured it'd only be right to introduce myself again so here we go!

    I'm Chiqitita, though you can call me Aqua. Chiqitita is an old gamer tag of mine by now, the last like 5yrs I've gone by Aquamira/Aquamire. Though clearly, my user here was created before that time, back in 2012. Speaking of, 2012, wasn't that the end of the world? How fitting I'm back here during a global pandemic am I right

    So yeah, at this point in time, a lot has changed since my last time posting here! For one, I've grown older, at a whole 23yrs old now. I'm no longer that bullied, super anxious girl (jokes, still anxious, but I've learned to deal with that), instead I work in a grocery store and somehow interact with a bunch of people daily! Most of the time, I even smile and joke around with them, who'd have thought! I'm currently in a serious relationship, like living together serious, and in just two weeks time, we'll be getting a gorgeous puppy named Loki. Hes a norwegian buhund, and the most adorable little creature! Like him, I am norwegian, though I deal badly with cold, so I wish i could say I had the same amount of fur hahah.

    Favorite anime genres.. huh. I find that a difficult point to answer properly, cause I enjoy a lot of different genres. But in general, fantasy is a big one for me. Currently I'm following the latest SAO season, as well as watching the 2019/2020 version of Fruits Basket (s1 and s2). I'm also watching Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, since I recall enjoying the manga, and I figured I'd check if it had been made into an anime. I'm sure I'll be watching a lot more anime in the near future, maybe rewatch some of what I've already seen, but that should at least give you an idea of what I'm into!

    Sorry for the wall of text, it's a pleasure to be back! Looking forward to getting to know bothe new and old members again!

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    I may be not there before long you existed, Welcome back Aqua. I guess!!!. 2012 was typo'ed as 2020 XD.
    Good luck on your relationship, stay safe from the pandemic and chill watching some anime!!.

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