what's the kindest thing you've been told?
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    Thumbs up what's the kindest thing you've been told?

    Sometimes I forget fictional characters are fictional

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    i was a good guy they said :D

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    It was my early 20s and it was my first time in Shanghai. I didn't know much about how navigate with a Nokia 6680. I had a dictionary and basic Chinese to ask where is something but that was all. I met a pair of guys in metro we chat a little. They told me at which station I should transfer but I couldn't differ it. They saw my trouble. One of them wanted to guide me. I didn't want to disturb them also his friend seemed like they are being late to somewhere so was unwilling. Seeing that I insisted I would take care of myself a few times but the one who wanted to help said
    "We are grown up people. Grown up people help eachother."
    I wasn't expecting that. I couldn't say anything.
    I just thought "If I were a girl I would give it to him."
    But since it sounds gay even to myself, I decided not to talk about it. But I'm not gay and here I don't need to hide anything.
    Anyway I like Eastern Asians. All my GFs since 17 were Asian.

    Other than that, at the end of juniorhigh when we were deciding which highschool to go, my math teacher met me in a corner and said "I hear everybody say something and I also believe you can do it but I wanted hear what you actually want yourself."
    Back then she was the only one who asked what I wanted rather than telling me what to do. Not even my own parents asked me. So I can't forget her.

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