As the title suggest, im not a new here. ma old account is 'blackfang', but i didnt introduce maself back then & the account is only active for watching anime, not for forums (??????. for some reason tho, i cant login here using my old password. im sure the pass is corrent cuz i have a list containing the url, username, pass and email. unfortunately for me, the email i used for that account is already deleted a long time a go so theres no way i can get the access back.

By the way, i may be an old member but also a new user at the same time so nice to meet you all (*???*) !!
feel free to add me or pm me for any reasons at all. hope all of us can get a long.

these past few years ive been using my uncles os account, but now that we are not living together anymore, i cant use his account anymore so i need to create a new one …?(??*)