What's your cheesy story
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    Default What's your cheesy story

    So a chicken walks into a library and says , “bock”. Sounding like “book” the librarian hands him a book. He takes it and goes happily on his way. Then the next day...
    The chicken says "bock bock", and the librarian hands him two books. Away he went. The third day, chicken says "bock bock bock", and the librarian hands him three books. And so on until the fifth day, when the chicken says "bock bock bock bock bock", the librarian hands him five books and follows him to see what he's doing with all these books.

    There is a frog sitting across the way that the chicken takes the books to. The librarian, confused but curious, continues to follow the chicken. The chicken approaches the frog, says "bock bock bock bock bock", places the five books into the frogs hands. The frog responds by tossing each book aside one by one, "reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit"

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    I tried to be funny. So here's the story, we where appointed to make a group for a project. It was a total of 8 people and it was soo silent, being me with severe anxiety, paranoia and stuff. My dead lame self thought that I should tone the atmosphere a bit. So I joked about something so cheesy cringey joke, they just stared at me with the "oh my god you didn't" face. Was too embarrassed I just faked it till you make it and tried to act like nothing happened at all

    "Okay, and that's the end. For an ugly guy like me, a love story won't just start out of somewhere. This is reality"

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