So, this anime has been on my watchlist for sometime and I just got around to watching it recently. If this anime is on your watchlist, do yourself a favor and don't wait. If your looking for something with action, magic, and comedy then this is definitely one that you should watch. Yato is a minor god looking to earn enough money to build himself a shrine so that he can gain followers and become of one the big shots. So he does a bunch of odd jobs charging 5 yen apiece. He's kind of cocky and a sucker for good luck charms. Still, he isn't alone. Along the way he meets a young girl who ends up hiring him to fix her little supernatural quirk so she can get back to her normal life and a tragic young spirit who he gives purpose and a home to. It's not all fun and games though, Yato has a dark past and there are those who aren't willing to let bygones be bygones and let the past stay in the past. I love this anime and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, goofy show that isn't afraid to get a little serious at times. Actually, it has a lot in common with Rurouni Kenshin, just in a different time period. So, go ahead, give it a shot and I'll be letting you know what I think of the second series soon, I hope. ^.^