[COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]Name: Alice
Nickname: Lili
Age: 25
Race: Caucasian Human
Nationality: American
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Looking for: Not interested in relationships
Personality Type: INTJ
Games: SoulWorker, Closers, Elsword, TERA and Warframe
Hobbies: Playing video games, cosplay, watching anime, reading manga, collecting doujin art (safe, questionable, and explicit), listening to music, being perverted for the sake of humor (a tease).
Weaknesses: Overthinking, Getting bored easily, easily distracted, height challenged.
Strengths: Intelligent, patient, youthful appearance despite age, decent gaming skills.
Political Views: Conservative, but not politically active
Religious Views: Not religious
Dislikes: Humans in general, religious advocates, political activists, children, lectures, verbal casual talk, constantly being told what to do.

This is likely a bit much, but this was copy and pasted from another introduction page from a Discord group I'm a part of and I considered it to be a waste of energy to type something new.