Hello, guys! I would like to say hello to those new people here (I'm new too lol) and to those whose I've been missed (I'm not new lol)

Sorry for the confusing introduction, I'm harunyan from philippines~ HaruNa originally, but as usual, the name's already taken (like what happened to Kirito to some other MMO :p) I'm 21 years old and currently working at some office (my work is confidential due to some accounts)

At this moment, my favorite anime genre was slice of life (so stressed in life that I feel relaxation from that kind of animes) but for now, I stopped watching actively because I'm so busy with playing games on PS4 and 3DS and from my work that eats my whole day lol.

About my introduction? I was a member here since 2009 or 2010 (I forgot, but I'm in 3rd-year high school at that time) I was really active by those time. I and my friends really love to hang out at OS. until I graduated in high school that I got busy and had a hard time having time to hang out here again. (Can't log in my account again - Maho Tsukai) But I'm back :D

I hope even if I'm busy with my life I can still have plenty of time here with you guys :D That's all~! Thank you!