Tokyo Ghoul Live Action, Sakurada Reset Live Action and...
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    Default Tokyo Ghoul Live Action, Sakurada Reset Live Action and...

    Tokyo Ghoul Live Action

    Everything's getting live action these days huh? I miss the good ol' days of simple animation already. Anyway, Real humans everybody!

    based on Sui Ishida's manga, Tokyo Ghoul. The movie has yet to put up a release date and even if they did, it's gonna take a longer while for us who can't understand Japanese to be able to watch it anyway. Starring Masataka Kubota who played the role of Yagami Light on the Death Note Live Action as Kaneki Ken and some other people whose names will not be posted here due to severe global warming. Think it's gonna be awesome? Maybe. Am I lying? Most likely!

    Speaking of Live Actions...

    Sakurada Reset Live Action

    Quote Originally Posted by Quoted from Anime-now
    The story follows the protagonist, Kei Asai, a boy with the ability to retain and recall any memory he has ever had. His partner in crime is Misora Haruki, a girl with the ability to “reset” the universe to the state where she last “saved” it—including herself. Together, they work in a club that is overseen by the town’s administrative bureau to solve the problems of people seeking help.
    The anime has just been aired on April 5th while the first movie premiered in Japan on March 25, 2017, with the second one to be shown on May 13, 2017. Now this is the show you don't deserve but it's the one you young uns need. It already gets two movies without the anime series even being halfway done afterall. That means it's speciaaaal, isn't it? Moving on.

    Marrying your Waifu? The wait is almost over!

    Lovely x Cation, If you haven't heard of it then that's normal. You are normal. Congratulations! Lovely x Cation is an eroge. Made by adult game developer Hibiki Works. Back on topic, they are now holding a lottery for one lucky guy to marry the waifu of his choice(Only Characters from the game is an option). The sole winner will be married to the character he choose and their wedding ceremony will be held at an actual wedding chapel in Tokyo's 23rd ward. This won't be the same case as the guy who married his girlfriend from the DS before. This time, they will be given a VR Headset to let them see their waifu in 3D as well as tuxedo to wear. They will also pay for the priest apparently. Now then, how do you enter? It's easy! Just fill out the postcard that is included in the new game they have, New Wife: Lovely x Cation and send it back to the developer! The event starts on April 28, the same day the game is released and ends in May 28. The winner will be notified by June 3 and the wedding will take place in June 30. As for the honeymoon... well, maybe they'll include that too.

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    Live action of the earlier anime series sob wish they just continued a new season for the series

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    Soon they'll be adding video games to the list

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