You Were There (revised)
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    Default You Were There (revised)

    You were there
    When time stopped.

    And I held you in my arms,
    Gazing into the windows of your eyes,
    Bright, soft, warm, deep eyes
    Fading, as though clouds rushed to cover my sun;
    Hearing the beats of your heart
    Counting away the precious seconds
    Slowly, as though someone forgot to wind it
    And then, it stopped
    And the light was gone
    And my body froze with yours
    And you were gone.

    How long did we sit there
    On the blood-soaked ground?
    I had counted those last precious seconds
    But cannot recall the number.
    How long did I sit alone
    Holding what remained of you?
    I cannot say
    For there were no more seconds left to count.
    All I knew was if I moved,
    I would shatter.

    And I missed you

    In that moment
    Time stood still
    Even as it rushed forward
    Off into the distance
    To the future,
    A concept now devoid of all possible meaning
    As I remained here
    Where you once were.

    You left me,
    But you didn't leave alone
    Ragged, searing edges throbbed
    With the sudden absence of it,
    It was gone, like you.
    But somehow, it still tried to work
    Cruelly reminding me that I
    Was still alive,
    That I still had seconds left to count.

    Who would count them
    Those ghostly seconds that ticked
    Echoing from beyond the veil?
    There was no one left to notice
    No one left to wonder
    Just how many of them there would be
    No one to count them
    You were all I'd had left.

    You were here
    And then, you were gone
    And it was only then
    That I realized
    I would never be whole again.
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    "Forget the lingering darkness in your scars
    and pour so much light into everything you touch,
    the universe will have to create brighter stars
    once you're gone."
    -D. Antoinette Foy

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    wow that depressed me a little bit, remind me of a song where a man speaks with her dead girlfriend and how all people blame him for the death (die in a car crash) and how she tells him to dont worry and ask hm to go to sleep, so she could talk to him

    anyway, i like this poem, really dark and sad, but i enjoy thanks for sharing

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