Was this done here before? I didn't see so thought I'd take a stab.

The second season is still coming out, but should generally follow the same direction as you watch it.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

This and the sequel is one of the funniest shows that I have watched here, simply put. The characters, story, and even the jokes are put together in a way that is easy to get and isn't repetitive. The overall story arc is generic to manga but has twists throughout that make it unique.

The twist with the story is grand, much so as it creates more content and situations for the writers to use than going with a more generic line.
Spoiler :  
That is not the entirety of the story though; only the starting point and evolves steadily from there. Take nothing for granted.

The creation of the characters really builds into the comedy that is present, with their clear different types and values and with how they all react to when they feel "I'm tired of your XXXX." Every character has their flaws but it is nothing that takes away from the experience or makes you dread what will happen next.

Alot of work goes into OPs and EDs attached with movies or series, with long running shows getting multiples over time. The VAs sing the EDs and I believe that it ties the end of show together as it shows through their experiences they are together as a party.

Add or detract what you wish, I highly recommend watching this.