So, I've actually watched this one twice. It's a two -part romantic K-movie about a Japanese woman, Misaki (played by Nakagoshi Noriko), and a Korean man, Yoo Sung Jae (played by Jo Hyun Jae). The mix of Korean and Japanese in this film is one of the things I absolutely love about it. The story begins with a fateful meeting when Misaki and her boyfriend are visiting Korea. Yoo Sung is a tour guide (just one of his jobs) and is running back to his tour group with the things they requested from him when he runs into (literally) Misaki who is wandering about. An accident occurs and Misaki returns to Japan. Some years later, Misaki joins a telescope firm and is transferred to the Korean branch. Yoo Sung is now working in the music industry, but he's struggling and seems to have been for some time. Again, the two run into each other and a friendship forms. But Misaki is carrying a lot of emotional baggage from her last trip to Korea. What happens between the two? Watch and find out.