Uniniformed Soldier
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    Default Uniniformed Soldier

    A battle rages out there
    Against an enemy that lacks
    Form and physicality,
    But its disease is catalyzed
    Through the mouth and actions
    Of the figurehead
    Who has forgotten
    From whence his power comes,
    But has at his fingertips
    The armoured ones.

    Strap on boots
    Not made for combat-
    Barely made for marching,
    Pull on a jacket
    Made of cotton and polyester
    Not designed to stop bullets
    And make a stand.

    There are no badges here,
    No medals for valour,
    No crest of honour,
    No memorial if you fall.

    But stand,
    Because they want to subjugate
    Those seen as subhuman-
    Because eyes aren’t blue,
    Because skin isn’t white,
    Because love isn’t just between man and woman,
    Because God has many names,
    Because sometimes we aren’t what we “should” be,
    Because daughters will never be
    Worth as much as sons.

    So stand,
    Resolute against the army of hate,
    Raise your voice against ignorance,
    Change what is into what should be,
    Because they are coming-
    Maybe not for you,
    But for the person standing next to you
    And only love can defeat hate.

    *Poet's note: Shoot. I seemed to have misspelled the title of this piece and now I can't fix it or seem to delete the poem to repost it...It's supposed to be called "Ununiformed Soldier." *sigh* Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain can keep up.
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    "Forget the lingering darkness in your scars
    and pour so much light into everything you touch,
    the universe will have to create brighter stars
    once you're gone."
    -D. Antoinette Foy

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