They live listlessly,
eat, work, live,
a basic daily routine.
Without a glance to the end,
as if the coming is already given
like a storm that can’t shake.

Few die, yet majority survive,
as if regeneration can overcome
the lost of the few
yet, the consumption
is in the brink of depletion

Equal trade really not something to be taken easily
they gain something valuable,
yet, they lost something greater
than what has given.

Warring time that suppose to help,
end as if nothing happen.
Tilt of balance prove the end,
the end that suppose to come
far later than supposed to be.

Safe war helps something,
in a good ways and a bad one.
as if checking out the livings
how they last.

Time ticks no faster
nor slower than should be.
It’s the way they live
that the schedule change rapidly

I don’t know what is this,
let me end this here,
as if I’m bored doing something.
This to stave off something.