Why hate a character so much?
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    Default Why hate a character so much?

    A thought recently popped in my head after i re-watched Re:Zero for a second time. Why does Emilia get so much hate? I thought I'd try asking other places but I would probably get less then "decent" answers/arguments. So I come to you brethren that have watched Re:Zero and ask that do you hate Emilia? And possible why? I personally like her myself. But since I've only seen the anime so far I'm unsure how much character development she gets in the light novel series. And I do agree that in the anime she does get waaay less character development then some of the other characters.

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    I havent been able to watch Re:zero but the internet already spoiled me so much that i dont think I can watch it for now. as for the part for why do people hate Emilia, I think its because of the fact that Mr. Subaruru chose Emilia rather than Rem, I think that was the moment people's mind were triggered for some reason. I dont hate Emilia tho, but Rem ftw..

    For why do people hate characters? Either they're annoyed by it or the characters did something stupid enough for the universe to explode or for no reason.. well may it be 2d or 3d Their will always be haters.

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    No, I don't hate Emilia, I actually rather like her. I wasn't actually aware that people didn't like her since I steer well clear of other forums. I assume its due to the fact that despite having little screen time and less interaction with Subaru than Rem did, she still "wins" in the end. I kind of think that Emilia is cast as one of those unreachable heroines that always seems far away, and maybe that didn't sit right with people, since Rem was so overwhelmingly liked. There's clearly more character elements planned for her that we will see later in the novels, but I doubt a lot of people who watched the anime will read those and will wait for a second season instead.

    Personally, I don't really care too much who Subaru ends up with. I usually like protagonists to be unattached anyway.

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