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    Default Did you know?

    Titans can easily jump high enough to reach the other side of the walls if they tried.

    Titans are capable of many things. They are the solution to the human's problem of overpopulation. These big guys also helped the human race with their land, driving all of them into a single place while claiming the rest of it. What else? Reaching them high places, intimidating, eating people you hate and so on. But enough about titans, let's talk about something else. Something like... the date! Yes, the date. It's actually Dudette09's birthday today but it'll be too obvious if I just said that on the title, isn't it? As you might have been aware(or not), she was promoted earlier this year thanks to the time and effort she spent to this site while having a two jobs in real life, something I can never dream of achieving.

    That being said, let's make it so she'd stay sane for more years to come.

    Let's give it up for our semi-new Support Admin, Dudette09! Happy Birthday!

    P.S. Don't comment anything about her height!

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