“Only in their dreams can men truly be free”
I whisper to the gathering darkness
As I wonder what my dream will be
And how it might free my soul this night.
It seems of late
That I have suffered an endless parade
Of obscure nightmares
And I could use a little whimsy.

How could the night
Betray me so?
Where is the welcoming,
Calming blanket of darkness
To ward off the glaring day?
What happened to my
Comforting companion
That lent me its protection
As I recharged
Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Only in their dreams…
But what then
If my dreams choose
To turn on me?
Does this make me a slave,
Chained to the secret fears
That even the night
Cannot save me from?

Why do I find myself
Longing for the dawn?
Suddenly the night seems so long…
Too long…
Everlasting and eternal…
Only in their dreams.
So what if I refuse to sleep
And give up on dreaming all together?
For it is the dreams
That give freedom
Everything else is an illusion…

And so I struggle on
Through the nightmares
And the sleepless eternity
Until finally
My dreams return,
Peaceful and comforting
Illusive as them seem sometimes,
For only my dreams can
Set me free.