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    Default Verify E-mail Address Message

    So yeah I was messing around with my profile and such and decided to edit my e-mail and password. A message saying that I needed to change my 753 day old password and I did, so after a while i checked back on the chatbox and I just saw the smilies and not the chatbox. I was worried that I might be banned or something. I did not know what i did wrong so i cleared my cache and logged out and logged back in, but the only problem was I needed to verify the new e-mail address that i placed.

    My suggestion is if you guys can probably inform the user that they need to verify said new e-mail beforehand rather than making them paranoid into thinking that they did something wrong. Because all the site was telling me is that i need to change my 753 day old password and that is about it and I was so clueless about it until I checked my email and verified said new e-mail and everything is okay again. c:

    Anyways this is the only screenshot that i've produced.
    I'm logged in as you guys can see and all I can see is the smiley list and the only prob was me not verifying my e-mail. I only found out a little whilte after talking to a former staff trying to find out what the problem was and sorry if i'm a simple minded person not knowing that I only need to verify my e-mail just to access the rest of the services of the site. q-q

    Suggestion looks like:

    You need to verify your e-mail address after changing it and then you will be able to access the other parts of the site.
    New e-mail address:
    Confirm New e-mail address:

    PS: I just saw that this was under the boxes
    "Enter your new email address here. You must be able to receive email sent to this address."
    Like just now.
    YES I CAN RECIEVE MESSAGES ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS, but what kind of email are you sending.
    I'm so sorry q-q
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