[Anime News] New Tales of Zestiria the X Series | Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon Anime Adaptation
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    Default New Tales of Zestiria the X Series | Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon Anime Adaptation

    The 12th episode of the wildly popular Tales of Zestiria the X anime series ended on Sunday with an announcement confirming that a second season is in the works.

    The second season of Tales of Zestiria the X will air in 2017.

    Source: Anime News Network


    Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon Anime Adaptation

    It has been announced via the wraparound jacket on the 16th volume of Shinya Umemura and Eiji Hashimoto’s Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon-ka that the series will receive an anime adaptation.

    According to Anime News Network (from Comic Zenon) the plot of Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon-ka is as follows:
    On the eve of a new era, Kyoto was in chaos. Different factions were moving at cross-purposes, and with the clash of different ideals, many were resorting to violence to enforce their views. To bring back order to the streets of Kyoto, Shinsengumi – the supposed guardians of peace – were formed. A chosen group of hot blooded youth, on a mission to save Kyoto, and to prove their worth… This is a tale of proud young Samurai mercenaries, who lived and died by the sword, in a turbulent period of political upheaval. To them, a man is defined by the way he dies.

    The anime adaptation of Chiruran: Shinsengumi Chinkon-ka is scheduled to premiere next January.

    Source: Anime News Network
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    I haven't watched this series yet but having another season means it must be decently good

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    I figured another season was in the works considering how long the in-game story is but i'm happy because it's a great game and the story is really good and i'm looking forward to it.

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