Taiyou no Uta (movie and series)
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    Default Taiyou no Uta (movie and series)

    Taiyou no Uta is a beautiful story that gets pretty deep. While the movie and the series do differ some (like the endings a bit), the purpose and the main themes are the same. I personally prefer the movie to the series, but both Yui and Sawajiri Erika do a good job portraying the character Kaoru Amane. When I first read the description of Taiyou no Uta, I actually thought it was about a vampyre. LOL This is not the case. It is, however, about a very real disease called XP (Xeroderma pigmentosum) and both movie and show do justice the the real life struggles involved with this disease. One thing that the movie really has going for it that puts it at a higher rating (in my opinion) than the show is that with it's limit on time, the plot and story-line are streamlined and moving at a faster pace. Yet, it does not fail to sweep the audience along with for the ride. Be warned: you may find yourself in tears. All in all, I found both versions of Taiyou no Uta to be well enjoyable and worth watching. So if you're looking for a J-drama that will move you and give great insight to what it actually means to live, give either versions of Taiyou no Uta a try.
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