Tokyo Ravens (major spoilers)
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    Default Tokyo Ravens (major spoilers)

    Damn, I just finished this anime, and I'm feeling a bit depressed... so I made this thread to help me feel better. First off, the story. It was enjoyable, but really predictable. Tons of foreshadowing, so anyone who pays even a modicum of attention could predict what would happen next. Predictability aside, the story felt kind of rushed. Next, the characters. We have a stereotypical cast of characters: the tsundere, the timid glasses-bro, the reformed yankee, the haughty daughter of a distinguished family, the childhood friend, and the typical dense protag (although he's not as dense as others). They're well written, and because of that, I liked every single one. Kon needed more screen time though. The music was good, and the animation was fantastic. All in all, I'd say that this anime is worth your time.

    I really hated the ending though. It left me a bit angry and confused. Did Harutora successfully revive Natsume? Suzu says that they "kinda" succeeded. DAFUQ SHE MEAN, "KINDA"? Sure, they kiss, BUT WHY DOES HE LEAVE HER? HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY "I LOVE YOU" BACK. HE LEFT HIS FRIENDS BEHIND TOO. WHERE IS HE GOING? THAT BASTARD. If there isn't a second season, I might cry. I hope the light novel has a better ending

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    I finished watching this anime a year ago and it was a good watch. As generic as the story is and as confusing and unresolved as it may be, it works well enough to keep people coming back for more. Thus, the story is crafted pretty decently.

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