An apocalyptic Convergence
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    Default An apocalyptic Convergence

    “The whole city may already be in chaos.” Anne stated.

    “We need to know what or who started this chaos.” Rain replied.

    “Before that, we must first reach our destination.” Glen stated.“Which is?” Anne asked.

    “Our father’s lab, there is a possibility that he stayed there. We might find some answers.” Rain answered.

    “How do you plan on getting there?” Anne asked.

    The three of them stopped talking for a moment to think. After a few moments, Glen came up with an idea. “We could take those soldiers with us.” Glen suggested. “But who’s going to protect your servants inside the house?” Anne asked. Rain was starting to get frustrated, clearly everyone was a tired enough as it is since it was night time already, and everything just happened so suddenly.


    Everyone was excited about the upcoming school talent show being held at the courtyard. As they were about to start the show, they encountered a minor problem regarding weird people trying to enter the school gate, but they decided to ignore it. Moments later, where Rain and Anne was seating, Rain heard people screaming from the back, at first she thought it was just some crazy fans, but she was wrong, those things pounced at the students and started to rip out their flesh, everyone obviously panicked and started running on all directions.

    She grabbed Anne’s hand, but Anne wouldn’t budge, and she was too scared. She slapped Anne in the cheek snapping out of her traumatized state. Rain kept on dragging Anne towards the building. Before they made it, one of those things tackled Rain, she was too scared and panicking of what was happening making her black out.


    “Let’s just settle this tomorrow, I’m tired, hungry, and dirty, before we go anywhere we should rest up first.” Rain complained.

    “We’ll head out first thing in the morning.” Glen added.

    “We are still pretty safe, considering that we live far away from the city and our father assigned those soldiers from the military here.” Rain replied.

    “I think resting up first would be nice.” Glen supported the idea because, he too was really tired for today.

    “I don’t really care what happens so, I don’t mind.” Anne went inside. They hurriedly walked towards the kitchen looking for food.

    “Mistress, you’re right on time for dinner.” Alfred the butler greeted.

    Alfred ushered the three of them to their seats; the three of them ate with unpleasant looks on their faces. Rain thought this was wrong; pretending that nothing’s happening but outside their comfort zone people are suffering. As they finished their dinner, they left the kitchen to head to their respective rooms.

    Before they separated in the hallway Rain spoke “Isn’t it safer to sleep together?” Glen already noticed her intentions, so he ran to his room as fast as he could.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Rain asked as Anne grabbed him by the collar.
    Glen couldn’t say a word, they eventually reached Glen’s room.

    “Before you go in, I need to clean up first.” Glen was obviously hiding something.

    “Don’t worry brother, we can do the cleaning together.” Rain was getting amused.

    “I do think we should wait outside.” Anne tried to intervene.

    Glen nodded. Rain didn’t listen and forced her way inside the room, and Anne just followed her inside. They were in shock to see that her brother was an anime addict. There was a cloth covering a closet, she removed the cloth. Glen couldn’t say a word and hid in a blanket. Anne was laughing at the sudden event, she was also amazed at the same time.

    “Is it just me which finds this amazingly weird?” Anne asked. “Let’s get out.” Rain suggested.

    “I never knew you like your little sister that way.” Anne whispered in Glen’s ear.

    “Let’s sleep in Rain’s room then.” Glen smirked. Rain immediately rejected and suggested to sleep in the guest room. Anne knew she was hiding something but decided to let it go for now.

    “Guest room it is.” Glen said, still whimpering from the previous event.

    Their servants prepared three separated beds for them and went out.

    “All of us should sleep now, we still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.” Glen stated. Both of them nodded and drifted into sleep.

    “Glen, do you think everything’s going to be okay?” Rain asked, she was trying to hide the fear in her voice.

    “I wish I could say yes, but I don’t think it will be.” Glen replied. Rain didn’t reply back and Glen started to drift into sleep. Anne moved her bed beside Glen and hugged him, Glen felt her trembling. “I guess she was also scared.” He thought.

    *In the morning*

    They were all preparing their things, the servants were ordered to hide in the bunker under the house. The whole mansion was already evacuated, all that was left were Glen, Anne, Rain, and the soldiers.

    “Okay, before we leave I want to know each and everyone’s name of you and your squad captain.” Glen motioned the captain to go in front.

    “First off, I’m Major Cedrick Hawkins, the Captain of the squad.” “I’m First Lieutenant Bruce Cunard, Sir.” “I’m Warrant Officer Mills McKnight.” “First Lieutenant Henry O’Brian reporting for duty.” “And lastly, I’m Sergeant Major Bob.”
    “Bob what?” Anne asked. “Just Bob.” He replied. “Okay then, moving on!” Rain said awkwardly.


    The scouts that Glen had sent last night proved to be worth it. They found out that there was a military camp in the mall, it means they were attracting those things. They decided to hide in the cover of the buildings because the roads was also filled with them. When they neared the mall, they started to hear screams of agony and gunshots. When they reached a building near the mall, they decided to go up and recon the area.

    “What do you see?” Cedrick asked.

    “Sir, the mall has been breached and is attacked as we speak.” One of the soldiers replied via radio. The soldiers saw people eating each other and some were running away.

    A squad of soldiers positioned inside was starting to close the metal gate and when the gate was closed, people were begging for them to enter, instead of letting them in the soldiers started shooting everyone outside, not caring for the sane people, they did not pick their target, whether it be man, child or women.

    “Tsk, even if we rescue some of the civilians our situation won’t get any better either, our rations would only last us 2 weeks or so.” Cedrick mumbled.

    Glen overheard what Cedrick was saying. He kept hearing some of the soldiers whispering about leaving the civilians and move onward. Glen signalled Rain to come closer, she reluctantly came to him, knowing what he would say.

    “I hate to admit it but he’s right, if we take anymore civilians our rations would not last us a week. After all our food was only meant for us, I’m not being selfish or anything but we still have to take care of ourselves. If we keep worrying about other people it would someday get us killed.” He said.

    Anne walked in front of the two and joined their conversation. “What are you guys talking about?” she asked.

    “You’re the deciding vote, whether we rescue these people or we leave them to fend for themselves.” Glen stated. It took Anne awhile before she could answer, after all she was going to decide if they were going to rescue them and those people would live, or if she would just let them be killed.

    “We don’t have time to think long Anne.” Rain said impatiently.

    “I hate to say it but, we have to leave them, we need to think of ourselves before others, it’s not that I’m selfish but we would surely be noticed by those things if we take big group of people, we don’t want that now, do we?” Anne said nothing after that, she walked towards Cedrick and continued planning their plans on how to escape.

    “And that settles it, we should press on.” Glen decided.

    “How about those people Glen?! Should we just let them die?” Rain rejected the fact that she would let hundreds of people die.

    “I know its hard Rain! You’re not the only one who’s feeling that way, but I would let hundreds, maybe even thousands of people die before my little sister and my best friend get in to harm’s way!” Glen snapped, he know it was unreasonable to rescue them if it would result to Rain and Anne’s death.

    She was speechless, she could not find the words to reply to him. Rain just walked away knowing that he would not change his mind. “Cedrick, we should press on, I don’t want getting the attention of those freaks.” Glen ordered.

    They continued their plan to head to the facility. They’ve encountered some of the freaks that were roaming around, they managed to kill few of the freaks, and they noticed that some of those were trying to escape, which was weird because considering that they deduced to mere mindless scoundrels.


    Several days passed, and they still weren’t able to reach their father’s lab. Glen noticed Rain and Anne, as well as the soldiers were getting pretty tired, after all the only time they would stop was for distributing rations to the group and resting for about an hour.
    The restlessness they felt was endless, knowing that they couldn’t just move carelessly or they would turn into food.
    “How much further is our father’s lab?!” Rain complained. “Considering we started from a county near the mountains, I’m pretty sure this is a good start.” Anne replied.

    “Relax Rain, Anne’s right, our father’s lab is in the city, way underground, to be precise.”

    “Why did we have to walk anyway? Couldn’t we have taken the cars?” Rain kept complaining until the scouts found an abandoned coffee shop with barricaded windows 3km from their position during their recon. Which made everyone relieved that they could finally rest and Rain would temporarily stop complaining.

    Unfortunately the only way inside was the front door which was out in the open. They can't just take a stroll to the door because the freaks they encountered the last few days were developing the ability to think. And what's weird was that they don't adapt to the situation as an individual but rather as a whole.

    “Anyone of you has a plan on getting us there?” Anne asked.

    There was a moment of absolute silence. No one wanted to voice out their opinions, or rather they don’t even have any, which was normal because we’ve been travelling non-stop for several days already

    “Ma’am I have a plan, but this plan has too many risks that we’ll have to take.” A soldier voiced out.

    “What’s your name again soldier?” Glen asked. “Private Bruce Cunard, sir!” Bruce replied.

    “If we give your plan a shot, and it somehow fails, hopefully not. Will you shoulder the burden and responsibilities of those who will fall on your so called plan?” Rain interjected.

    Glen shot an intimidating glance towards Rain. As usual, Rain would ignore Glen and his antics. Since they had no other ideas, they listened to Private Bruce about his plan.

    “I noticed that we passed by a music shop a few blocks back, maybe if even they’re getting smarter, they would still be attracted to the sound.” Private Bruce explained.

    ”So here’s the problem, where do we hide when they gather? And who would set-up the diversion?” he continued.

    There was another moment of silence, well obviously, nobody wants to risk dying. Even if they are just soldiers, they are still humans.

    “Well, obviously nobody wants to do it, so I will.” a voice suggested. They looked at the direction of the voice. They were shocked to see that Glen volunteered.

    “No! I won’t let you do it, there must be another way.” Rain objected. She won’t let her brother leave her, after all their mother passed away when they were young, and their father was always busy with his work at the lab, too busy to make time for his children, which left her only brother to take care of her, he granted each and every one callous request she had.
    As they were arguing they did not manage to notice Anne slipping away. Cedrick was trying to calm down an upset Rain, and the soldiers were just staring somewhere too stunned to even speak.

    “I can’t believe we planned and argued for nothing.” One of the soldiers commented. “How are we going to tell them?” the other soldier said.

    “What are you guys looking at?” Cedrick asked his squad members. “Sir, I think you should tell the two siblings this.” Bruce said pointing at Anne. “Oh.” Was all Cedrick could say while Anne was a looking at their ridiculous reactions.


    *inside the coffee shop*

    “I still can’t believe you just strolled towards the shop, you know, you could’ve been attacked.” Glen mumbled only for Anne to hear.
    “Oh relax Glen, nothing attacked me, and it already happened, can’t you just move on?” Anne mused. Glen said nothing knowing nothing would happen if they continued arguing, and walked away.

    “Okay soldiers, secure the area and check for places that they might enter, I want you to find a way to barricade those areas.” Cedrick issued to the soldiers. “Sir, Yes Sir!” they replied in unison. A few minutes passed and the building was in silence, excluding the brief rustling sounds by the soldiers searching the area.

    “Sir! You may want to see this ASAP.” A soldier called out. “What is it?” Cedrick curiously asked. Glen followed behind Cedrick to see what was going on. It was 2 dead bodies, specifically a male and a female body.

    “Maybe, they committed suicide.” A Private Cunard suggested.

    “Okay guys, drag the bodies in a secure and isolated room. I don’t want those bodies walking inside the shop.” Cedrick ordered. Then there was a sudden sound of a door creaking, which made them very cautious and alert.

    Cedrick look at his squad, and the squad nodded, understanding what he meant. Glen too, understood what he meant, Cedrick handed a handgun to Glen so that he won’t be completely defenceless. Cedrick motioned them to go beside the door. He signalled Mills to charge inside, and Cedrick motioned Bob to follow. After both soldier showed no signs of danger, they followed inside.

    “Are they gone?” a faint voice was heard across the room. They raised their guns and pointed it to a body in a corner. It was a body of a small child, specifically a female child.

    “Who are you?” Glen asked. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She kept repeating the same words over and over again. Glen immediately noticed that this girl was not one of those freaks that roamed around outside. He reluctantly came closer to the girl and touched her head. Suddenly she pounced on him. The soldiers almost opened fire to the girl, luckily Glenn was able to hold them off. The little girl suddenly cried in his chest as he embraced her tightly. “Its fine now, I’ll protect you.” Glen whispered to her.


    He went back to the area where Anne and Rain was resting. Glen noticed that Rain was sleeping, and decided not to wake her up. Anne noticed him carrying a small girl, she smirked.

    “Oh, Glen. Just admit it, you’re into little girls.” She teased.

    Glen chose to ignore her comment and said “she needs help Anne, can you give her some more proper clothes.”

    “Unfortunately we don’t have clothes with her size Glen.” Anne replied.

    “Not a problem boss, I found her closet back at room we just came from. If you want Mills and I can get it for you.” Bob suggested. “Thank you, that would be very much appreciated.” Anne replied.


    “Glen, are you sure she isn’t bitten or anything?” Anne asked.

    “I’m not that sure, I can’t just search her body. Maybe you can check for injuries, you’re the person who’s going to change her clothes after all.” Glenn replied.

    “And here I thought you wanted to change her clothes, Lolicon.” Glen did not respond to her usual antics. Which was not like him at all.
    “Glen, what’s wrong?” Anne asked. He just stared at the wall and refused to speak at all. “If you’re ready to talk, I’m here okay?” Anne walked away, not knowing the cause of Glen’s current state.

    *meanwhile with Rain*

    Rain was just sleeping in the corner, not being bothered by anyone as per ordered by Anne.

    *dream start*

    She was dreaming something that happened when she was but a small child. She and Glen was playing chase at the garden, where her mother and his father was having some afternoon tea. She was contented in life, but suddenly as she kept running, the world around her starts to collapse and fade away.

    Moments later, the scene where she had not hope to see again appeared. Her mother lying coldly on the stairs, she was stabbed to death inside her own company. As she started screaming, she saw her own reflection.

    “This is all your fault Rain, if you just didn’t do it, none of this would’ve ever happened.” Her reflection said. “As more of her copies appear before her saying “DIE.” In a monotone voice.

    *dream end*

    Rain screamed as she woke up, Glen immediately rushing to her side, calming her and telling it was all just a dream. “It’s all my fault Glen, it’s all my fault that our mother died.” Rain said. “No! It’s not your fault Rain, it was not our fault that she died!” Glen reassured her.


    “Are you calm now Rain?” Anne asked. She was not replying to anything. Her brother stayed beside her the whole time.

    “It’s my fault.” Rain cried again. “Look Rain, it was all just a dream. Forget about it already!” Glen said. “Yeah, just a dream.” She manage to get back into reality.

    “Let me ask you again, are you fine now?” Anne asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, sorry about that. Please forget all about it. Pretend like it never happened.” Rain replied.

    “So, who’s the girl?” Rain asked. “We found her inside the shop. So far I found no injuries or signs that she was bitten. And we don’t have a clue who she is, she hasn’t spoken since we found her.” Anne reported.

    “She probably isn’t that bad, she’s a kind little girl.” Rain said. “HI!” I’m Rain, what’s your name?”

    She was mumbling something. Too uncomprehensive to understand. Finally she spoke louder.

    “I’m Lily Adelaide.” She said. “Well Lily, are you hungry?” Rain asked.

    “Where’s my mom and dad?” she asked. Rain could not respond, she couldn’t find the right words to say to her.

    “They’re gone.” Glen stated. They expected Lily to ask more questions about her parents, and maybe even cry out loud, she was just a kid after all. “I expected that.” She said dryly. No one expected her reaction. They were shocked to see a little girl so brave up to this point.

    “She’ll break eventually, for now let her be.” Anne said.

    “Everyone rest up! We’ll continue at 0500. Cunard and O’Brian you take first watch.” Cedrick was a good leader, his squad followed him with haste. “Glen you guys should take some rest, we’ll wake you up when something happens.”

    It made him want to say ‘sir yes, sir’ because of how he said with so much authority yet so soft at the same time. He ushered the little girl to their side and they slept together while the little girl clinging to his older brother.

    Obviously Rain was jealous but she wouldn’t show it. Anne just smirked at the scene, wanting to tease them but held off for now.


    As the night came there was an awkward silence outside. It’s almost as if nothing had happened over the week. It made them feel somewhat relieved.

    “Hey Henry, do you think our families made it to safety?” Henry noticed the worried look. Obviously wanting to be reassured about his family’s safety. “To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t want to give you false hope, yet here I am hoping the same thing.

    All I know is whether our families made it or not, there’s only one place that’s completely safe from this atrocities.” Henry said.

    “Yeah I feel you. No place on this earth can be safe for a long time. Temporary maybe, but nothing last forever ya know?” Bruce replied.

    They kept on talking about what happened the last few weeks of their lives. Before the apocalypse happened.
    ”hmm, Necrotics.” Bruce said out loud.

    “What?” Henry asked.

    “Oh, nothing I just thought it would be cool if we get to name those freaks” Bruce replied.
    “That idea of yours may get us famo-.” Henry suddenly stopped talking. And motioned Bruce to stop too. There was a constant pounding on the door. Bruce woke Cedrick up. “Captain, something’s wrong.” Bruce reported.

    “Go wake up Bob and Mills, tell them to do the same to Glen and the others.” Cedrick ordered.

    “Status report O’Brian.” Cedrick now fully awake went to Henry.

    “Sir, so far there’s only some constant pounding on the door and a few eerie sounds.” Henry reported.

    “What’s wrong?” Glen asked Cedrick, just arriving. “Looks like we’ve been found.” Cedrick replied.

    “Prepare to move out. We need to get out of here, and fast.” Glen hastily went back to pack their stuff and carry the little girl, since she won’t be able to outrun these freaks. Rain and Anne was already prepared when he got back. And the little girl complied and rode Glen’s back.

    “SHIT!” Bob shouted. The door bust opened and the freaks managed to get in. luckily it was only a few freaks that attacked them.

    Bob didn’t have the time to get his gun so he draw his knife to kill the freak. The freak somehow managed to dodge the knife attack, which surprised Bob and pinning him down. Before he was bitten McKnight managed to shoot it in the head.

    “Thanks Mills” he said. After they took down the freaks inside the shop, none came again, which is weird, considering that those freaks moves in herds. Cedrick handed a Colt M4, Colt Anaconda and some spare ammo to Glen. While the 2 women got a Calico M960.

    A few minutes has passed since the attack and they were all look prepared and ready to go.
    “Let’s head out!” Cedrick ordered. The moment they came out may be the last moment they have.

    “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Mills cursed. “You took the words right of my mouth.” Henry said. There were hundreds of those freaks waiting outside, some were hiding and others were just in plain sight standing. They did not move a muscle, as if like they were just some mannequins.

    “Fuck! This maybe the last battle we may ever fight!” Cedrick shouted. “Let’s make it count!” Bob looked so sadistic when he started shooting. The freaks started to run towards them.

    Unbeknown to them a Dark Red ball of light was circling in Glen’s hand.

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    btw just an extra info. this is just a practice chapter for the story. if you like the story and want me to continue pls support me :D.. leave a quick review of the story on what you liked, and what you hated. your suggestions and reviews are gladly appreciated.....

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