What Happened to Us?
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    Default What Happened to Us?

    Everyone, it's a bit late; but I'd like to inform you that this is a one-shot story. Well, some might say this is just a form of freestyle poetry, but actually it tells a tale. Hope you guys enjoy. Peace out.


    What happened to us?

    We used to dream for the both of us, we used to have our own standards that we individually made, we used to share ideas and make one another realize whether it's possible or not, and among all other things we used to do that I missed the most was that we used to cherish one another a lot.

    What happened to us?

    We became detached from one another, we began to refer to other people's opinions for our decisions, we began to keep secrets from one another, and among all those that hurt me the most was that we stopped loving one another because it's the "in" thing.

    What happened to us?

    We fought a lot, we compared one another to other people, we began to stab one another in the backs through other people, and the thing I detest the most about this is that we began to avoid one another.

    Why can't it all go back to where we started?

    Because I don't know... you tell me. I don't have the reasons for everything, especially for those things that are inside your head. I tried so many times to make it up to you. Have they worked? I don't know... I'm so tired of chasing you, and waiting for you... are you even there?

    What happened to us?

    I said goodbye, hoping you'd chase me... but you didn't. You stood there and let everything happen. I continued to walk away still hoping you'd chase me, and when I looked back you turned away.

    What happened to us?

    All I know is that I still love you. Hopefully, not for eternity.

    What happened to you?

    I want to know...

    What happened to me?

    I want you to know...

    What happens next?

    I pull the trigger and move on.
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