Smart TV's and Otaku-Streamers
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    Default Smart TV's and Otaku-Streamers

    So recently I tried to watch the anime from this site on my new LG Smart TV. I was wondering if I needed to change a setting to view the videos or are the formats for the videos here unable to be processed by the smart TV.

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    Late response, but I'll throw this on here where folks can see (since you're not the only one who's asked this question).

    Otaku Streamers currently uses Adobe Flash for video streaming, with some other portions of the site, such as the Shoutbox, running on Javascript. If your Smart TV can support both of these functions, then there's a good chance that you'll be able to browse Otaku Streamers content on it. Unfortunately, it's difficult to dig through the fine print on a lot of Smart TVs to find out if they support this or not, since it's probably buried in their specs, if it's listed at all. You could always try after you've bought the TV to test for certain, or check on support forums or the manufacturer's documentation to try and get an answer on this before you make a purchase.

    Some Smart TVs can have a custom ROM installed on them to support this function if it's not on them already, although I can neither recommend or condone this approach as you'd void your TV's warranty and potentially break it in the process of attempting this. I merely mention it for reference's sake.

    One route I've gone down in the past to guarantee this ability on a Smart TV is to buy a small PC-on-a-stick device (Intel makes a great device called the Intel Compute Stick that does this, basically a full PC the size of a Google Chromecast for about $125). This way, you can easily get Internet browser/Adobe Flash/Javascript working through your TV, as well as full keyboard functionality, because typing on a TV remote is a pain to many. I can attest for a fact that an Intel Compute Stick has worked for me 100% of the time on Otaku Streamers.

    For others that have suggested developing an Apple TV or Roku-type app for Otaku Streamers, this isn't currently possible due to the licensing and subscription costs for these vendors' app repositories being too high, not to mention the time that would need to be spent by JBluey and others to develop the app. If Otaku Streamers user base takes off down the road and OS gains access to additional user donations, it could become a possibility - but no promises can be made at this point.

    If any of the mods need to correct anything I've said, please do so. It's great for everyone to be on the same page, myself included.


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