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    Yow Yow Yow, it's a story I had in my mind for long and I decided to share it all to you guys lels forgive my Grammar and spellings, Its a Sfd (S***ty First draft) and yep alot of mistakes are around

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    I went back to the roof top after there was no band available to join, I sighed as I looked at the sunset I opened my Guitar case to get the Guitar , and there I played Secrets by One Republic.

    then a sweet voice joined me on my solo Guitar .

    “Tell me what do you want to hear” Then I opened my eyes to look on who was singing, but I went back to play the Guitar, “I would give you all my secrets to you”

    And the voice came from the stairs then the knob slowly turned clockwise then it slowly creaked forward...

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    Chapter 1: Rejection.

    “Xavier, I’m sorry we don’t need Guitar players right now” Then I packed my Guitar back to its case and its bow back inside. “Comon Xavier, don’t go hard on me. I know what it’s like to lose a band” Then he helped me zip the Case “You’ll get your shot Xaiver, just wait”

    I laughed for a bit, “I’m not mad Jeremy, I just need some time to recover of my loss, it’s my problem, not yours” then I closed the door and went on my way.

    It was tough that I’m all by myself, before we were a group, we played classical songs, but the rest graduated only me and Genald were left of Group named Nightlight. Genald played drums, while me, I played Guitar all the way.

    I went in classroom 314 which was an old music room, but transferred to the new building, in the university we have 3 buildings, one for the collage and the 2 for the high school and grade school.

    I went inside and surprised that genald isn’t there as always, he was more early than me always. I decided to refine my Guitar , I checked the strings to see if it isn’t going to break because of the pressure, and everything was set.

    Then I remembered my father in 2010 which he played a song that was close to my heart, Secrets by One Republic then I tested the strings to see that it was working.
    Then I went off to play secrets, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the music then suddenly someone knocked on the door, It was Genald.

    “Hey bruh, You better want to use the roof, because my club is having a meeting and we have no place to go than here” Then he went to get the piled chairs on the side, “Can we borrow Bruh?”

    I laughed “Bruh, I don’t own this room neither you, but since we’re the incharge of this, just be careful” I kept my Guitar and I locked it with the Velcro rather zipping it, and as I went outside I pat the shoulder of Genald

    “Thanks Bruh, I owe you big time” And he quickly arranged the tables and chairs and chairs which were dragged was making noise all over the hallway then I heard a bunch of “ow!” and a bunch of… You know. The magical F word

    I went up to the roof depressed that none appreciated my art. I placed my Guitar on the floor, and started to play it again.
    I was on the chorus part, then I smiled reminding my father which he taught me how to play the Guitar , then suddenly tears started to form on my eyes, and I heard a soft voice singing,

    Then a sweet voice joined me on my solo Guitar. And suddenly I felt that I was in heaven.

    “Tell me what do you want to hear” Then I felt that I was with my mother and father which everyday opened my eyes to look on who was singing, but I went back to play the Guitar , “I would give you all my secrets to you” and the voice came from the stairs…

    “Um… Hi?” A girl said as she went in the rooftop, she looked like she was same as my year, she was wearing the uniform, short skirt, red polo with the school logo on the left side of the chest, and she had curled hair until her shoulders, It was Lynch, she’s the school’s model which she won a lot of interschool modeling contests which made our school popular, and our school made Lynch like a VIP.

    I stopped to play the Guitar then her face was amazed “Did you just?” I was speechless and shy to play again so I kept my Guitar without strapping everything and zipped my case.

    “I’m sorry that you heard this crap” Then I went downstairs,

    “Hey! Wait” I didn’t listen to her because I was embarrassed no one in my class or anyone that’s my year knew about my Guitar hobby, maybe no one cared about me doing Guitar .

    Then she held my hand when I was about to go down the stairs, and she looked at me seriously “Don’t ever turn your back again Mr. Guitar Master” And I laughed for the fact that she didn’t knew my name.
    So I went back to the roof, and I got my Guitar back from its case.

    ”I’m sorry if you feel that I forced you, it’s just I like your talent” Is she kidding me, but as I tried to argue her, she got me by her face she looked
    sincere Then I started,

    I need an another story, something to get off my track” Then I was amazed that she had talent in singing.

    ”I sing till my sleeves stained red…”

    Then when she sang the chorus part, she started to turn slowly

    “I’ll give all my secrets to you”
    She smiled
    Then I felt that I was controlled by something or I don’t know what then my body was following to the beat and for the first time, I felt great like as if my dad was still alive Then she stopped, but I continued to Guitar solo, then I ended. As I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see Genald his group and maybe some other people shocked and amazed at our duo.

    Instead of me freaking out, it was Lynch that freaked out. “Erm… Hi all... And I hope you have a great day, Bye!” then she hurriedly went down the stairs.

    Then everyone went near me and throwing questions at me

    “Xavier they said you’re 3 months with Lynch” Ayase said who was a co-member of Genald which their club was Drummers united

    “What!? No we’re not” I laughed then I packed my Guitar back to its case and as I looked at my clock it was 4:56, and I have a part time at 5.

    “Sorry guys I need to go now” Then I rushed downstairs to rush to my work
    I didn’t mind everyone but for the first time. For the first time, this was fun since my father’s last waltz with his Guitar.

    Lynch’s POV

    Oh… What was I thinking, It was the first time I’ve sang since my surgery of my throat because of a toothpick which I swallowed when I was 11 years old. Good thing it just did some minor damage not too alarming I was hiding in the 3rd floor girl’s bathroom, just to make sure they won’t see me or make some misunderstandings about me and that Guitar player, then suddenly footsteps belonging to a group of people were descending to the stairs and I was pretty sure it was them that saw us having a duet.

    Then suddenly when I tried to reach my cell phone, it wasn’t there then I panicked it may fell down in the toilet since I didn’t close the lid I stood up and looked at the toilet, there wasn’t a thing that floated, just a clear well maintained toilet bowl.

    I went up to the rooftop again to find my phone and as I arrived, it was silent because everyone went downstairs,
    Then I remembered the time that I turned around because of the chorus part, then I tried finding it behind the plants, then under the cement chairs until I found it in a corner, I finally squealed and got my pink cell phone, those cell phones where you flick it to use it.

    Then until I found a music notebook laid on an empty chair, I went near it and it said
    ‘Xavier’s Pecies don’t touch.’

    “Xavier...” It ringed to my mind like a broken recorder, and I swear I’ve heard his voice somewhere. But when?

    End of chapter 1

    Oops I used word hahaha....
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    Chapter 2 (Sorry for the Typos in here)

    Lynch’s POV

    I kept Xavier’s Music notebook in my bag and decided to find him, there were few people now in the school, so I decided to go out to buy some food for my little sister who was alone in the house, since our parents were working abroad I took charge of my little sister who was still a 3rd grader

    Then I rode the train back to our home, and as I walked to our home, there was a newly opened Bakery which was 5 houses away from my house, curious I went inside to check the breads that were available since I was thinking to have a light dinner with my sister.

    The bell which was hanging above the door ringed signaling that there was a new costumer, the bakery was small but it was a house also and no one was in the cash register, I think it’s dangerous to leave no one to guard and what if there was someone trying to get the hard earned money from the cash register.

    Then I decided to pick bread for me and my little sister, but all of the breads were unfamiliar with me, it was the first time I saw a rice cake in front of me, then I got 6 of them because I’ve never tasted some, so I quickly went to the cashier and kept pressing the bell.

    “Okay Okay, I’m coming down” A man’s voice emerged from the stairs behind the counter then I impatiently waited, and decided to ring the bell more.

    “Alright I’m coming, you must be hungry” Then the man went down, it was a guy wearing a white shirt and some jeans, then wearing an Aviator shades, beanie leaving some hair exposed then a apron with the logo of the bakery.

    “6 Rice cakes, that would be 36 Pesos” then I was shocked that It was cheap

    “I can’t believe these things are cheap.” And he smiled receiving the money and giving the change.

    “That’s what you get when you’re buying at a home bakery, And enjoy your Bread Miss” He smiled.

    And I was happy that I could eat this cakes which my mother brings them after her work from outside and I hummed Secrets again like it was stuck in my head.

    Xavier’s POV

    I sighed after she left, she didn’t notice me working here, then as I looked at the rice cakes , everything was empty I laughed in surprised that even though she could ate those things, she still is thin.

    Then I went back up practicing my Guitar, then Genald was there with his friend Kyle, then Genald thought that having Kyle would make our group better, he’s great at the piano then we only need was a vocalist and a bassist, Then I remembered the day that my dad made me study 3 stringed instruments so I wouldn’t be a disgrace to the family.

    “Earth to Xavier, Earth to Xavier, Houston we have a problem” Genald said in a sarcasm “Well what do you think Xavier?” Then I stood up in the living room, which had a green wall and a florescent bulb illuminating our room then some cabinets with displays of glasses,

    “I think it’s a good idea.” Then Kyle’s face slowly filled with gladness then he stood up and reached out his hand.

    “Thanks dude” then we both did a fist bump then Kyle sat down and Genald was reading a drum guide given by his Girlfriend, Maria.

    “Now we need is a bass and a vocalist, I mean you can play any stringed instrument” Then Genald looked serious, “Lynch is a good singer, I mean I did research on her” Proud was visible on his face

    “You mean stalking?” Kyle laughed after he said that, then Genald did a ‘Ahem’

    “Anyways, I think you’re the solution Xavier” Then Genald went near me, and I moved away from him.

    “I think you should make her fall so she could join our group” Then Genald and Kyle did a clang on their Soda bottles.

    “Seriously, are you guys drunk on Mountain Dew or something more worse” Then Genald placed his hands on my shoulder

    “Dude, We need you, you’re cooler than Kyle over here” Then Kyle laughed “Yeah right”

    “Dude, No is an No” Then I stood up and went to the open window.

    The outside greeted me with a lovely sight of the moon and no lone soul walked in the parks then only the streetlights and our bakery sign made the streets visible in the night I sighed as I missed my mother and father which they died. And only my Aunt and Uncle is the only one helping me to maintain this bakery, and after I go home to my apartment.

    “Please dude, we need your help.” Then I shoved Genald’s hand and he gave me a surprising look

    “Why do we need to cheat to be successful huh?” Then Genald Was furious.

    “You you think that being right always gives us what we want? Guess what, she’s turned down every offer that she receives, and she likes you man. And you know that your father made thi-“

    Then I shoved him, then Kyle stood up and held me back “Do not put my father in this!” then Genald Grunted

    “Oh yeah, Well Damn you Xavier, you’re always dreaming to form a band and now you're backing out from a simple tactic?”

    Even though he had a point, it wasn’t right though.

    “Well even though I'm backing out, using her isn’t the way. I’ll show you that I’ll ask her tomorrow, Let’s see if I’m right!”

    Then Kyle shoved me

    “The hell is wrong with you guys, you’re fighting over a vocalist, Damn. There’s a lot of singers in the school, why her rather than someone”

    Me and Genald Sighed Then Genald went near Kyle and said “Even though we just discovered that Lynch has talent for singing, she’s also a school figure, if we have her. Then we too would be popular.”

    Then I laughed “Is fame you really want Genald? Then Genald laughed.

    “Oh boy, just suck it up. We need her for this band Xavier”

    “Ok Fine!” I Shouted “I’ll do the damn thing for us not for me, Or him or you” Then I sat down and grabbed the nearest coke and drank it until it was empty, after that argument. It became silent, Kyle listening to classical music mostly with the piano in the background then Genald Putting new parts like some maybe hard plastic to make a beat to his drum (I’m not that good on memorizing parts of instruments I didn’t knew too well) and me, looking at the window to the moon, and giving a toast silently to my Mother and Father where ever may they be

    As tomorrow arrived already, I went to school very early hoping to catch Lynch early, then I saw Lynch at the gate, then I was at the door to enter the hallway, I saw her waving. And I was surprised then I waved back at her, then she walked faster, then when I was about to go to her then some guy bumped behind me and he said “Sorry” then he went near Lynch and they hugged as if they were like a couple then I realized that it wasn’t Lynch, it was someone else.

    I sighed as I was embarrassed at waving at no one I sighed then suddenly someone hit my head and suddenly my things in my bag fell down then I was pissed then when I was going to say something stupid but the figure said.

    “Hey Mr. Guitar-Master” Then as I looked behind me, it was Jelma and behind her was her boyfriend Howard who was the president of Art club, Howard is a good looking guy, and his father was a graduate of Dean University who is an famous artist.

    “Yo Jelma, Yo Howard” Then Howard fist bumped me “So, how may I help you guys?” I asked as I arranged my things back to my bag.

    “By the way, there’s some news spreading on your duet with Lynch” Then she goes on talking and as I arranged my bag, I noticed that my Piece notebook wasn’t inside my bag, then I looked around the floor, and it was impossible to me unseen because we weren't near the lockers.
    Then Jelma was still talking and Howard was just doing the face palm as always

    “Jelma, thank you and I need to go , I lost something.” Then as I excused myself from them both then I went on my way to the rooftop, I didn't waste a time minding my fatigue or my sweat dripping down my face, that book is important for me. It was a last gift that my father gave before he died, then I felt glad when I see the steps leading up to the roof. Then footsteps was only echoing then I pushed the iron door to the roof top.

    Then a Familiar Blonde curled hair was waving with the silent wind.

    “I knew I would meet you here” She smiled then she looked at me.


    AUTHOR'S NOTE (Care free to read)
    I maybe going to find pictures for the characters, and this story is one of my dream to finish then the support of my family and friends helped me to hustle through the day just to make this story. well thank you if you read the story and this, and I think I should end here.
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