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    Default [{Avatar Request}]

    Alright, I've been going nearly a full year without an avatar, and would like make my first avatar request.
    Even though I usually do my own, I currently do not possess good software, and certainly not the skill to make a nice one from scratch.

    I believe the best avatar for me would not be one with a picture already in mind, but rather, a picture from the artist's mind.
    I don't really need anything super fancy (though I am rather surprised at the quality of most avatars I encounter here).

    Sooo, here's the idea for my request (I know, it's weird):

    1) Male or Female (preferably)
    2) Creepy expression
    3) Dark or horror theme
    4) Possibly
    5) The word Nichi

    Alright that's it! If that is too vague, please let me know. Otherwise, I want to be surprised so feel free to do anything with it. And by all means, have fun!
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