How to Change Server in your Mobile Devices
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    Default How to Change Server in your Mobile Devices

    We all know that last February 2015, Otaku-Streamers added a new feature in streaming where you can select a server of choice. But this has become a wonder to the phone and tablet users since you can't actually see the server selection below the uploader's name.

    INFO: Most browsers has an automatic detection on which device is the browser currently running to: mobile, tablet, or desktop. And for mobile users, mostly the default settings would be mobile. So some features in a website when you are using desktop will not be available when you are using your mobile devices.

    And with this change, I just noticed that most of the members are asking in the Shoutbox, "How to change server?", "In phone?". Well, good news, you can. In mosts smart phones, especially with the known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc, there's an available settings where you can change from mobile viewing to desktop viewing. And so I'm going to show you how, it's simple as blinking.

    NOTE: I've only tried this in my android phone for I only have an android phone. But basically, they might have some similarities.

    Common Browser/Browser
    Spoiler :  

    Spoiler :  

    Spoiler :  

    Just remember, the settings on most browsers on mobile devices is either in the browser menu > request desktop site or in the browser menu > settings > (basic/advanced) > user agent > (default)/desktop/mobile > ok. If it's not available then sadly it's not.

    So if someone ask this question again, link them this thread to shut them up.
    And if there are mistakes and additional info then feel free to post.
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    How about safari?

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